Saturday, September 05, 2009

Frank Lloyd Wright

Today we traveled to Buffalo to see the Martin complex. It included the Barton house (sort of a beta test for Wright design, the first house he built in Buffalo - and satisfied the customer even though it went well more than 100% over budget), the Martin house, the Gardener's house, and the carriage house (yes, even the glorified garage was part of the tour).

The guy in front was our tour guide (docent), who did a great job and was well informed.

It gave me a chance to try the panoramic setting on my cellphone:

Not bad for a cellphone photo.

As good a job as they did at the Martin complex, our overall experience was marred because we also had tickets to see the Graycliff buildings, which we had booked online - but were informed that we wouldn't be able to make it there unless we cut short our tour at the Martin - apparently the two are unrelated except by being booked through the same interface. We can return some other week, Buffalo is not a long trip, but this would have been VERY upsetting for somebody who came from, say, Taiwan!

Last week there was also an example of BAD architecture:

The way that extension protrudes from its main building like a tumor (right in Rochester, near Park Avenue) struck as as preposterous.

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