Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Lasered fighting woman ...

Nope, this is not a B movie.

Quote of the day

"One important detail is that actions that have not yet been tried in a state s are always assumed to lead immediately to the goal with the least possible cost, namely h(s). This optimism under uncertainty encourages the agent to explore new, possibly promising paths.

Artificial Intelligence, A Modern Approach (Russell & Norwig)

Amusing what theory can teach you about how to lead life, and explain its inevitable disappointments. Of course, literature got there first with ""

Knowing Your Sausage 4 -

Slavonski Kulen
Basis: Pork and beef
Hot&Spicy: A bit, nice
Dominant Flavor: Very meaty
Smokey: Moderately
Very good, although the shape makes it a bit suspect for a sausage. It looks more like maybe a brain. An odd, trilobite shape, kind of like 3 fat sausages all merged together. Does not taste at all like real trilobites, though, those are very stony tasting....although the fossilization process might have altered their taste.
Worthy and notable

Sunday, March 05, 2017

Knowing your sausage 3

Todoric Volvodianski Kulen
Basis: Pork and beef
Hot&Spicy: Quite
Dominant Flavor: Resembles a spicy pepperoni
Smokey: Mildly
Not bad, but maybe a little too much like pepperoni.
Another sausage where the smoke flavor doesn't really stand out

Friday, February 03, 2017

Knowing your sausage 2

George's Brand Meats, Banijska Kobasica
Basis: Pork
Hot&Spicy: Mildly
Dominant Flavor: Garlic, without a doubt!
Smokey: Mildly

My favorite sausage of this batch (3 varieties, I'll get to the beef sausage soon), but don't try to kiss your significant other any time soon after eating this unless they are made of much sterner, more garlic resistant, stuff than Jocelyn is.
I would not be surprised if "Kobasica" and "Kielbasa" were linguistically related, and indeed.... Wikipedia confirms

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Knowing Your Sausage

Todoric Sremska Dried Smoked
Basis: Pork
Hot&Spicy: No
Dominant Flavor: Nutmeg?
Smokey: Mildly
Decent sausage, goes well with anything without terrifying the wife with the aroma.
I'd rather it were smokier, but this beats your average grocery store sausage.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Clan Chatter

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Adults only Clan

For now, this is an open clan. There are not many rules here, but they will be maintained. Feel free to comment if you are a member. Once we get some members it will be invite only. Donate 100 to get elder. Donate what is requested. Do not donate giants, for example, when archers are requested. If somebody asks for dragons, and you don't have any handy, just don't donate. Current members: Jens Felix Florence Clan chatter for social purposes welcome on

Friday, July 19, 2013

How to spot REAL puke on a sidewalk outside of a bar

Step in it. If your feet sort of bounce of, it is that rubber fake puke from a novelty store. If you really MUST know.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

How I met my best man....

Wow, I haven't blogged proper (as opposed to Facebook posts) for a long time! Anyway, this is actually a reposting of a Facebook comment that had enough bearing on my personal history to be worth capturing here. A Facebook friend posted:
When someone is doing something EXTREMELY irritating (for instance, clicking their pen incessantly for an hour) how do you say STOP THAT FRICKING BULLSHIT in a nice way, but still letting them know how FRICKING ANNOYED you are??
I just had to respond with:
I actually met the person who was later to be my Best Man that way. This was back in the days where people didn't have their own computers and you used shared terminals to larger computers. My favorite terminal room was fairly secluded, in one of the engineering buildings, and only had three or four terminals, most of which were usually unused. One night when I was trying to do homework there, another guy was also working there. He was tall, pale, and disheveled and kept his coat on even though it wasn't cold inside. He would enter his command and -- while waiting for the computer to respond -- would drum frantically on the keyboard. This got very annoying very fast. I wanted to say something but he looked so creepy I was reluctant. I was pretty sure that coat he refused to take off must have been hiding dozens of deadly weapons. But after a while I decided that life simply wasn't worth it if I had to keep listening to that exasperating drumming. I gathered my courage and said something like: "Excuse me, but that constant drumming is irritating." This led to a longer conversation about the work we were doing and cute girls on campus and such and we ended up close friends.