Sunday, October 26, 2008


This Straight Dope article actually states my own opinion quite well:
1. Human life begins at conception.

2. Big deal.

Even though I do not object to legalized abortion, it has always irritated me when people arguing against abortion prohibition would not admit that, yes, they thought it should be legal to terminate a human life.

The Catholic church is right about this: if you believe that human life is sacrosanct, you can not tolerate abortion, euthanasia, or capital punishment.

If you favor any of those listed, you are speaking against the absolute sanctity of human life, and saying that different human lives have different values. You are saying that you have to think.

Live with it.

To me, abortion is ending a human life, but it is not murder. If it were done without consent of the mother, it would be a grave crime against her, but the interests of the fetus are not the interests of our society. Certainly people who are infertile and would love to have a baby, other relatives (or perhaps boyfriend or husbands), and people generally opposed to abortion may find this disturbing. That's OK - go ahead and bribe the mom and try to make it worth her while to have the baby, but in the end it is her decision.

To me, euthanasia should be a basic human right. If you do not believe your life is worth the pain that it costs, you should be able to end it. The fact that you might change your mind later is really not the should have that right.

As capital punishment goes, I am sort of against it. A healthy human life must have some value, and ending it against the will of them who would live it seems wrong, a waste. But in the really bad cases, it does not seem much of a loss. I guess I would say that it should be avoided when possible.


jtfiederer said...

I would have to say that I agree with this post. It's not a pleasant thing but then again we do not live in a paradise either. Tough decisions must sometimes be made.

Jens Fiederer said...

"Utopia is not an option."

Anonymous said...

Many (most?) in society have the 'Lemming Effect.' We can't think for ourselves anymore. We allow media to decide our elections, a jury-decision, and ultimately our fate. Everything seems to be whitewashed in a spin that makes abortion 'okay.' THINK for yourselves for once! A baby would not be born if he didn't begin at conception..abortion IS murder. If the fetus was allowed to live just a few weeks longer and was would be classified as murder. How did the great minds figure out when the baby crosses that line?

As for politics (since I'm on a roll) Don't you all realise that one man/woman cannot do it all by themselves. Obama or McCain really haven't such super hero powers that they could possibly do ANY of what they promise by themselves..yet we pin all our hopes or blast one guy if things don't go swimmingly. pfffft.

Anonymous said...

the above comment was made by me.. haha

Jens Fiederer said...

You almost sound like a classmate of mine named Lin, except for the capitalization (she writes in ALL CAPS).

As the baby goes....maybe there ISN'T a "line"? Maybe from the time of conception, where it is just a sad waste of potential, to the time where you are cutting off the life of an individual that has ambitions and understands the horror of what is happening, it slowly gets worse and worse? There have been societies in which even infanticide (usually in terms of abandoning the little one to starve or die of thirst or exposure rather than, say, a more merciful end such as decapitation which we would grant even a convicted murderer) is considered acceptable.

As "one man" and his limits goes, if you think *I* am expecting any miracles from ANY of the contestants ... ah, candidates .... you are looking at the wrong guy!