Wednesday, October 01, 2008

East Frisia is no joke

Although many jokes are told about it. It is to Germany what Poland is to an American, except that most of the people in Poland have probably never heard an American Polish joke. In East Frisia, they have a sense of humor and almose seem proud of their "reputation". (It probably helps that most other Germans don't seriously believe there is anything wrong with the area, either. When they joke:
"Why do East Frisian women wear scarves?"
"So you can tell them apart from the cows!"
it is only because they have incredibly beautiful cows in East Frisia. My youngest sister was born there, so you had better agree!

Anyway, we have an exchange student here from that area for two weeks. Erich was over there in July (see blog). He arrived yesterday, bearing fabulous gifts: chocolate, a calendar with pictures of this lovely area, and tea.

Most Germans are coffee drinkers, but in East Frisia there is a tea culture. This is how East Frisians traditionally enjoy their tea:

Small usually don't drink just one.
In the bottom: Kuntjes (basically rock candy) as sweetener. This is expected to last you for several cups.
Then the black tea.
Top that off with heavy cream.
Don't stir. The idea is that the sensation changes from a "mostly cream" to a "normal tea" to "very sweet" as you go from top to bottom.

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