Sunday, November 09, 2008

Elections, how to do it right....

Coyote is pretty happy with the way his district runs the polls.

I agree a paper trail is a plus, but I'm not so sure the LED is that meaningful a feedback. Here is my dream setup:

When you vote, by whatever means, you get a paper receipt of your ballot (which might have been printed out for you if you use a machine for input). There is also a paper kept as backup. Your copy has on it an automatically generated random id number, which is electronically stored with your vote. The printed backup does not need this number (to keep votes anonymous).

Later, all the votes are published, with the random id numbers, in a random order. You can type in any id number (but only your own is meaningful to you) and get the votes. They'd better match your receipt, or there has been fraud or error. The total number of votes also better match the number of actual votes (these can be independently tracked).

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