Sunday, November 02, 2008

My Endorsement

Well, I suppose since everybody else has taken a stand, I suppose I should take mine, such as it is.

I'm a registered Republican, although that is mostly to give me a chance to vote in some primary or other. I do believe in capitalism, but since that has already been abandoned by most major parties (Democrats kowtow mostly to the unions, Republicans mostly to entrenched big business interests, neither is willing to just leave people alone). My actual philosophy is libertarian, although I'm not exactly enamored of the party of that name. While I do believe "that government is best which governs least", I disagree with the voices on the anarchist fringe who believe we can do without it altogether. I'd like to abolish the income tax, but not because I don't understand the need for taxes - only because I find it too intrusive.

Painting Obama as a socialist is kind of amusing, because it is so obviously true - but then, it is true of McCain, also. The only question is just how much socialism you want.

I was talking to a friend with similar politics last week, and we were discussing whether it would be better to vote for Bob Barr (who seems to have made a genuine conversion, but has a rather obvious right-wing record behind him) or just write in somebody that really represents our point of view (Penn Jillette is pretty much our dream candidate). I'll hold my nose and vote for Barr.

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jtfiederer said...

Stop the drama, vote Obama!