Thursday, January 04, 2007

My Brain on opioids

I took my prescription drug medicine half an hour ago.  My wife told me I should not be driving, I should not be drinking, and I should not be doing karaoke.  This is the hard stuff, hydrocodone (a relative of codeine) mixed with a cough supressant.  People go to jail to get their hands on this stuff.

So, what do I feel?  I just coughed a moment ago, so maybe it is not 100% effective at its primary function.  As dizziness goes, I was able to hop about on either leg with no unusual difficulty.  As drowsiness goes, I haven't noticed it - Jocelyn says nothing makes me drowsy.  As pain relief goes, whacking my butt with a spatula feels pretty much the way it usually does (mostly silly).  As typing goes, I might be having an extra typo a paragraph or so.

As Leonard Cohen said in "Death Of A Ladies Man",

Now the great affair is over, but whoever would have guessed
It would leave us all so vacant, and so deeply unimpressed.

I can't believe people get addicted to this stuff. 

One side effect the pharmacists did not mention, however, is that it appears to insert your current mood into your category?  Maybe it is stronger than I thought.

Update (0:23):  it is about an hour and a half later.  I haven't coughed since the last cough I blogged (coughblogging instead of snotblogging?  what is happening to me?).  Ooops.  Thinking about it made it happen!  Still, one cough in 90 minutes is not too bad.  Drowsy?  Not particularily.  Dizzy?  No, but there is a bit of a dull feeling in my head, kind of like when drinking.  Pain?  The spatula actually stung a bit this time, but I don't know if I might have just been swinging harder.  Not an easy-to-calibrate measure!  Still not impressed.


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