Monday, June 01, 2009

22 years of marriage, many more of life!

Saturday was my 22nd wedding anniversary, tomorrow is my birthday. Jocelyn decided to make a combined gift for me....sort of a surprise. Yesterday I was to have some clothes packed away for mysterious purposes. Naturally surprises of this sort are bound to be a bit disappointing (how could they possibly live up to the odd things in your own imagination?), but it worked out fairly well.

Jocelyn had booked us a room at the Woodcliff. At 15:00 she had scheduled a couples massage at their spa(unlike the couples massage COURSE we had on the cruise almost 10 years ago, this was just us being massaged at adjacent tables, but it was still very pleasant and relaxing).

Then 17:45 she set up dinner at the restaurant there. I had lobster bisque and the thai spiced scallops, she had the pineapple marinated flank steak. 19:25 I took her to the Angels & Demons movie at Eastview Mall, less than a mile away (ok, but not great). Then back to the hotel bar for some jazz music and dancing....followed the next morning by a walk in Powdermill Park.

At trivia Sunday we got 13, not bad with Doug temporarily replaced by Sheila, and beating two of the other top teams, but far from the incredible winning score of 17. Then Jocelyn accompanied me to bring in my birthday with karaoke, doing "These Boots Are Made For Walking" (but not walking on me very hard) and accompanying me with Heather's help on "Tubthumping".

Celebrate, good times, come on!

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